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Information Tech.   Languages & Cultures   Management & Soft Skills   Vocational & Business
Languages and Cultures
Arabic   Study Arabic as a Foreign Language
Chinese   Study Chinese as a Foreign Language
English   Study English as a Foreign Language
French   Study French as a Foreign Language
German   Study German as a Foreign Language
IELTS   International English Language Testing System
Italian   Study Italian as a Foreign Language
Japanese   Study Japanese as a Foreign Language
Korean   Study Korean as a Foreign Language
Portuguese   Study Portuguese as a Foreign Language
Russian   Study Russian as a Foreign Language
Spanish   Study Spanish as a Foreign Language
TESOL   Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TOEFL   Test of English as Foreign Language
TOEIC   Test of English for International Communication
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  Information Technologies
.NET   Mocrosoft.NET
3D   3D Studio Max
A+   CompTIA A+
Access   Microsoft Access
Acrobat   Authorized Software Product Training
AfterEffects   Adobe After Effects Software User Training
AIX   IBM Authorized AIX Training
Apache   Apache Web Server Implementation and Administration
ASP   Active Server Page
ASP.NET   Microsoft .NET
Authorware   Macromedia Authorized Authorware Training
AutoCAD   Authorized AutoCAD Product Training
Business Intelligence   
C#   C# Programming
C++   C++ Programming
Cabling   Cabling & Installation
CCDA   Cisco Certified Design Associate
CCDP   Cisco Certified Design Professional
CCIE   Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CCIP   Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
CCMBA   Cisco Call Manager Basic Administration
CCNA   Cisco Certified Network Associate
CCNP   Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCSA   Check Point Certified Security Administrator
CCSE   Check Point Certified Security Expert
CCSP   Cisco Certified Security Professional
Checkpoint   Checkpoint Products and Certifications
Cisco   Cisco Networking System and Technologies
CISSP   Certified Information System Security Professional
CIT   Cisco Internetworking Troubleshooting
Citrix   Citrix System and Software
CIW   Certified Internet Webmaster
CNE   Certified Novell Engineer
COBOL   COBOL Programming
ColdFusion   Macromedia ColdFusion MX Training
Combustion   Discreet Authorized Software Product Training
CompTIA   CompTIA IT Certification Series
CorelDraw   Authorized Software Product Training
CRM   Customer Relationship Management
Crystal Reports   
CSE   Cisco Sales Essentials
CSS   Cascading Style Sheets
DataBase   DataBase Implementation and Administration
DBA   Database Administrator (IT)
Discreet   Discreet Authorized Software Training
Domino   IBM Domino System Certification
Dreamweaver   Macromedia Dreamweaver Certification
DSL   XDSL Technologies (Digital Subscriber Line)
ECDL   European Computer Driving Licence
E-Commerce   E-Commerce/E-Business
ERP   Enterprise Resource Planning System and Software
eServer   IBM eServer Series Training
Excel   Microsoft Excel
Exchange   Microsoft Exchange Server
Fiber   Fiber Optics
Final Cut Pro   Apple Authorized Final Cut Pro User Training
Firewall    Firewall Technology (IT)
Fireworks   Macromedia Fireworks Certification
Flash   Macromedia Flash Certification
Forensic   Computer Forensic
Freehand   Macromedia Authorized Software Product Training
FrontPage   Microsoft FrontPage
Game   Game Design and Programming
GIS   Geographic Information Systems
GPRS   Mobile Networking Technology
Hacker/Hacking   Hacker/Hacking Tech. And Skills
IBM   IBM System and Software
IC3   Internet and Computing Core Certification
ICSA   International Computer Security Association
IIS   Microsoft IIS
Illustrator   Adobe Authorized Illustrator User Training
ImageReady   Authorized Software Product Training
InDesign   Adobe Authorized InDesign Software User Training
IPV6   Internet Protocol, version 6
ITIL   IT Infrastructure Library Training
J2EE   Java 2 Enterprise Edition
JSP    Java Server Pages
LAN   Local Area Network
LDAP   Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Legato   Legato Authorised Training
Linux   Linux OS and Applications
Logic   Apple Authorized Logic Software User Training
Lotus   IBM Lotus System and Software
Mac OS X   Macintosh Operation System User Training
Macromedia   Macromedia Certification Series
Maya   Alias Maya Software User Training
MCAD   Microsoft Certified Application Developer
MCAST   Implementing Cisco Multicast
MCDBA   Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
MCSA   Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
MCSD   Microsoft Certified Systems Developer
MCSE   Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Microsoft   Microsoft Certification Series
Mobile   Mobile Networking
MPLS   Multiprotocol Label Switching
Multimedia   Macromedia Software Certifications
MySQL   MySQL Database Admin
NetWare   Novell Netware system
Network   Computer Network Technologies
Notes   Notes/Domino
Novell   Novell Certification Series
Object-Oriented   Object-Oriented Software Development (OO)
OpenView   HP OpenView
Optical   Optical products
Oracle   DBA/OCA/OCP
PageMaker   Authorized Software Product Training
Photoshop   Adobe Authorized Photoshop Training
PHP   PHP Programming
PL/SQL   SQL Programming
PowerBuilder   SyBase PowerBuilder
PowerPoint   Microsoft PowerPoint Software
Programming   Computer and Network Programming Skills
QOS   Quality of Service
QuarkXPress   Authorized Software Product Training
Rational   Rational Software Training: Rose, ClearCase, Etc.
Red Hat   Red Hat Linux Certification Series
RHCA   Red Hat Certified Architect
RHCE   Red Hat Certified Engineer
RHCT   Red Hat Certified Technical
Sage   Sage accounting and payroll software
SAN   Storage Area Networking
SAP   SAP System and Software
SAS    SAS System and Software
SCJD   Sun Certified Developer
SCJP   Sun Certified Programmer
SCSA   Sun Certified System Administrator
SCSECA   Sun Certified Security Administrator
Security   Computer System and Network Securing and Hardening
Software   Software Engineering
Solaris    SUN Solaris OS Administration
SQL   SQL Programming
SQL Server   SQL Server Administration
SUN   SUN Certification Series
Symantec   Symantec Software Authorized Training
TCP/IP   TCP/IP Technology £šIT)
UML   Unified Modelling Language
UNIX   UNIX Operation System
VBScript   Programming with MS VBScript
Visio   Visio Software
Vista   Microsoft Windows Vista
Visual Basic   Microsoft Visual Basic
VoIP   Voice over IP
VPN   Virtual Private Network
WAP   Wireless Application Protocol
Web   Web Programming and Web Page Authoring
WebSphere   IBM Authoried WebSphere Training
Wi-Fi   Wireless Fidelity: IEEE 802.11b standard
Windows 2003   Win2003
Windows XP   
Wireless   Wireless Network and Communication
WLAN   Wireless LAN
XML   eXtensible Markup Language

Management & Soft Skills
Business Administration   
Contract   Contract Management
Crisis   Crisis Management
Critical Thinking   
Decision   Decision Making Strategies
Diversity   Managing Diversity
Emotional Intelligence   
Hotel   Hotel Management
Human Resources   Human Resources Management and Organizational Development
Influencing   Influence Skills
Innovation   Creativity and Innovation Management
Interpersonal   Interpersonal Skills
Interview   Interview Skills
Knowledge Management   (KM)
Leadership   Leadership and Team Skills
Lean   Lean Manufacturing
Logistics   Logistics Management
M_o_R   Management of Risk
MBA   Master of Business Administration
MSP   Managing Successful Programmes
Nonprofit   Nonprofit Sector Management Skills
Operation   Operations Management
Outsourcing   Outsourcing Management
PMP   Project Management Professional Certification
Problem Solving   Problem Solving Skills
Procurement   Procurement Management
Project Management   PMP Certificate
Public Sector   Public Sector Management Skills
Purchasing   Purchasing Management
Risk   Risk Management
Scorecard   Balanced Scorecard
Six Sigma   Six Sigma Certification Series
Stress   Stress Management
Supply Chain   Supply Chain Management
Team   Team Working and Leading Skills
Time Management   Time Management
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Business & Vocational
ACCA   Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Accounting   General and Management Accounting
Assistant   Secretary
Auditing   Auditing: Operational and Management
Beauty   Beauty Industry Technologies ans Skills
Business Law   
CAD   Computer-Aided Design/Drafting
Capital   Capital Markets and Derivatives
Career Planning   
CFA   Chartered Financial Analyst Exam
CFP   Certified Financial Planner Exam
CHRP   Certified Human Resource Professional
CIMA   Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
CIPFA   Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy
Coach   Coaching and Mentoring
Communication   Communication Skills
Construction   Construction Technology
Consulting   Consultancy Skills
CPA   Certified Public Accountant Exam
Criminal   Criminal Justice
CTA   Chartered Tax Adviser
Culinary   Cooking and Beverage Services
Customer   Customer Service and Care
Customer Service   Customer Service Management
Driving   Commercial Driving
Entrepreneur   Entrepreneurship
Export   International Trade Regulation and Practice
Fashion   Fashion Design and Merchandising
Finance   Finance Knowledge,Skills and Tools
Financial Planning   Financial Planning Certificate (FPC)
First Aid   
Fund   Fund Management
Gas   Gas Technology
HACCP   Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Health   Health Care Business and Safety Management
HIPAA   HIPAA Compliance
Hospitality   Hospitality Management
HVAC   Heating and Air Conditioning
Import   International Trade Regulation and Practice
Insurance   Insurance Professional
Investing    Investing Knowledges
IOSH   Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
ISO   International Standards Organization
Journalism   Journalist, Reporter, Editor
Labor   Labor Skills Certificate and Apprenticeship
Law   General law and legal issues
Marketing   Marketing Skills and Management
Medical   Medical Service Professional
Mortgage   Mortgage Agent
Negotiation   Negotiation Skills
NLP   Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Office Administration   
OSHA   Occupational Health and Safety Administration
Pharmacy   Pharmacy Technician
Planning   Strategic Planning Skills
PLC   Programmable Logic Controls
Presentation   Presentation Skills
Public Relations   
Publish   Publishing
Quality   Quality Control Process and Management
Real Estate   Real Estate Invsetment and Management
Recreation   Recreation and Leisure Business
Retail   Retailing Management
Sale   Sales Management and Skills
Securities   Securities Professional
Technical Support   
Trade   General Trade Essential
Trainer   Train the Trainer
Translation   Professional Language Translations
Treasury   Treasury Management
Veterinary   Veterinary Technology
Writing   Professional and Business Writing
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